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Designing AI systems with a “human in the loop” mindset

In today’s rapidly changing world, where time is of the essence, informed decision-making has become the cornerstone of success, both in the public and private sectors. At Untrite, we are often asked why we chose to work across diverse fields, from manufacturing and engineering to public sector initiatives such as policing. The answer to this question is simple yet profound: it all boils down to enabling a quick, data-informed resolution.

In the age of information overload, distinguishing the signal from the noise can be a formidable challenge. Whether you are a law enforcement officer responding to an incident or a manufacturing executive tasked with optimising operations, you need access to relevant, contextual information to make the best decisions swiftly. This is where our approach to designing AI systems with a “human in the loop” mindset comes into play.

Every decision carries significant consequences

In the public sector, particularly in the realm of policing, every decision carries significant consequences. Law enforcement agencies are tasked with ensuring public safety, and deploying resources efficiently is of paramount importance. You can see how a prank call may report a false emergency, diverting valuable police resources from genuine life-threatening situations. In such cases, AI systems enable law enforcement to analyse the situation, considering all available data, and determine the appropriate response. By doing so, we ensure that critical resources are allocated where they are genuinely needed, enhancing overall public safety.

In the private sector, efficiency is the name of the game. Manufacturing and engineering companies operate complex machinery and systems that are susceptible to various issues. Sending an engineer on-site for a problem that could be resolved remotely not only wastes time but also incurs significant costs. Our AI-powered systems excel at simplifying decision-making processes by presenting relevant information and spotting patterns that humans may simply miss. For instance, we assist manufacturing companies in avoiding costly fines resulting from faulty or idle machines at client sites or helping to make sure that engineers who are going on-site are equipped with the right replacement parts and a contextual knowledge about the problem. By doing so, we not only save resources but also ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

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We believe the role of AI is to assist the human decision-maker

It’s important to emphasise that our AI tools Untrite X and Untrite Thrive are designed to assist, not replace, human decision-makers. We believe that the human element remains irreplaceable when it comes to understanding the nuances of complex situations and exercising judgment. However, by providing decision-makers with a safety net of comprehensive, context-rich information, we increase their chances to make the right call.

Our AI systems are adept at presenting a clear, concise picture of a situation, including often-overlooked details and critical context. This empowers users to make well-informed decisions swiftly and with confidence. When every second counts, this augmented decision-making process can mean the difference between success and failure. By designing AI systems with a “human in the loop” mindset, Untrite aims to bridge the gap between data and action, facilitating quicker and more effective decision-making in both the public and private sectors. We believe that the synergy between human judgment and AI assistance is the key to addressing the challenges of today’s complex, data-driven world.

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