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See what's relevant and act on it, fast.

Untrite modular platform supercharges teams performance by unlocking a new dimension of insight from enterprise existing data.

The Problem

Larger organisations with legacy systems and specialised knowledge suffer from data silos and fragmented information.

There is a huge, untapped value within organisation's unstructured data, and that's one that's growing the fastest; that's emails, support tickets, documents, websites, social media, images or video files.

Unstructured data is the hardest to harness. Those organisations which manage to do so, are able to gain a competitive edge in an ever challenging economy.

Untrite modules empower you to unlock value from data and information at a speed and scale previously unattainable.

Our Solution

A secure platform providing one source of truth.

Increase productivity

Identify patterns of challenges and gather potential solutions based on past and current data, automatically.

Improve speed and accuracy

Gather insights from many different sources in seconds, not weeks as it previously took your employees.

Modular built

Deploy only modules that you really need, which are fully extendable and scalable across your organisation

Easy interaction

Tools that understand human language and provide highly intuitive interaction

API and legacy custom connectors

We integrate with many API-based apps and develop custom connectors for legacy systems

Explore available modules

What we do

Untrite X

Improve your functional support and internal operations by providing one source of truth portal, that provides intelligent visibility and insights across your information. It also points you to the owner of the files, also when you don’t have an access to it (you know whom you can request the access from).

What we do

Untrite Mira

Accelerate providing quotations for your customers. Gather intelligence of past quotes for similar and the same products in one place.

The Technology

technology untrite

Untrite platform is an AI-powered system that links all internal unstructured data sources together, either through API-build connectors or by providing a custom connectors for company's legacy systems. We don’t require all information to be in one place, a unified format or a data lake. We don’t copy any data and we follow all permissioning rules; all stays in the original data sources.

Untrite platform ingests and processes internal and publicly available unstructured data such as social media, transcribing videos and audio and translating foreign language documents to understand the meaning behind words as a human would do.

Untrite state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning algorithms extract all of the entities - people, places, objects, locations and other relevant to the case things - from the free text and other data to transform its value.

Untrite platform automatically builds a unique, ever-expanding and learning Knowledge Graph of the extracted entities, identifying the deepest and most complex connections in all of the information.

Untrite Knowledge Fabric and Machine Learning algorithms enable powerful relationship analysis between previously siloed data, uncovering connections and patterns between people, events, places and objects that may otherwise seem unrelated.

Untrite intuitive user interface allows you to search and explore all of the data as if you were asking a colleague that read all and knows all the information within the organisation. All presented in a easily digestible, actionable format either on a web-based dashboard, or embedded in the system you are already using.

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