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The product

Enabling interdisciplinary collaboration for excellent service.

A platform which integrates Customer Support and ITSM function with all the knowledge in the organisation.

Untrite's service intelligence platform supercharges service performance by unlocking a new dimension of insight from enterprises' existing data. The platform mines and analyses data that is scattered across different systems, hidden in free text, and locked in the minds of the enterprise's most experienced people. Untrite AI pulls that information from all these sources, executes Natural Language Processing algorithms to convert the free text into structured data, and applies Machine Learning to all that newly mined data. Then, it's easy for your organisation's experts to validate and optimise those findings based on their tribal knowledge. Through Untrite's Intelligent Triage product, teams get automated answers to their customer queries, all from your organisation's existing data. As a result, your team will improve first time resolution, optimize service team performance, mitigate risk, and drive exceptional customer experiences.

With Untrite AI your team can

  • Transform Customer Service Experience
  • Optimize Service Performance
  • Improve the Field Service Skills Gap

Through a deep understanding of our client's specific language, our platform helps providing the entire service team access to ever-changing information, distributing the tribal knowledge of your subject matter experts.


Ticket Mode

Standard mode where the platform monitors the ticket from the ticketing system and provides intelligence for it. - The types of intelligence the platform provides: - Knowledge from documents across the org (accessible from the "Knowledge Systems" - Triaging question - I.e., what is the best next question to ask to pinpoint how to solve the issue - Historical tickets - related to the current one Other benefits here: - Integrates various ticketing systems into one - GF had this problem, they have tickets in 3 systems - Adds intelligence on top all the legacy ticketing systems - Capture the knowledge of the experts in a form of triaging structure of the issues

Assistant Mode

The interaction that happens in the ticket / service request is very formal. We can have informal requests, in an assistant mode. So it is not that someone is asking for help in Jira, it's just you looking for knowledge. I think this is this employee "knowledge hub". This assistant mode is being interacted with in a conversational interface. You can type in "The boiler serial number 31245 is making a strange sound", or say it through voice assistant mode. The assistant mode can perform different tasks:
- Find information / debug issues - same processing as in the Ticket mode
- "The wire is stuck in the pulley"
- Create Work Orders - "Create a work order for the boiler ZDS-43/1 for John for next week"
- Ideas
- What do Service people do?
- What do Facilities management people do?
- We should ask on the calls

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