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Product overview

Company knowledge is locked in people’s minds and in dispersed sources. How do you unlock its value?

Until now, expert company's knowledge was lost with the employee leaving

  • The current way of working with internal knowledge in areas such as client support is repetitive, inefficient and requires a lot of training.
  • Tribal knowledge usually dies with the employee leaving the company. Getting an answer might take days of email chains and yet the result might still be incomplete.
  • Most knowledge workers spend 70% of their time looking for information and only 30% on making decisions and actions.

Untrite connects people with the right information. We provide an AI platform which removes data silos - a layer which sits on top of your information systems, reads all the documents and makes sense of them.

Solving complex client queries and problems tasks is expensive and takes a long time, because information about the products and customers is kept in multitude of systems. Even knowing which sources will contain relevant information is not trivial. Further steps require specialised knowledge of both the product in question and the layout of the document sources.

  • Untrite AI platform surfaces relevant information for a given task from all available sources of information within the organisation.
  • It also finds solutions to previous complex customer queries and automatically suggest them when a duplicate issues arise.
  • By automating the information gathering we enable the experts such as engineers to focus on problem-solving and connecting with the customer.
  • We automatically integrate with document stores such as Google Drive, Shared Drives, SAP, Intranets, Slack, Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.
  • Our software does not replace existing systems, it augments them by providing a connecting layer on top of existing knowledge infrastructure. 

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