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AI-Powered Operations
by Untrite Thrive

Untrite Thrive AI patented platform supercharges Control Room teams performance by unlocking a new dimension of a real-time insight.

The Problem

Public safety institutions with legacy systems and specialised knowledge suffer from data silos and fragmented information.

Citizens can access policing services in a myriad of ways, however the demand received from telephony in the form of emergency 999 and non-emergency 101 calls has increased, with legacy police technology and process struggling to cope with demand, whilst still providing the high-quality service the public expect.

In the end-to-end service journey of a citizen and their data being involved with policing, it is that initial point of contact that is often the most important to get right, however due to the often-stressful circumstances compounded by the time criticality of sharing the information, this is often the area of poor-quality data entering the police system.

Untrite Thrive brings together different fabrics of digital technology, around transcription, data mapping and risk analysis to support human operators making better quality decisions with better quality data to enable policing to keep the public and officers themselves, as safe as possible.

Our Solution

Untrite Thrive: a secure, scalable platform providing one source of truth.

Increase productivity

Identify patterns of challenge, gather real time data based on past and current data, automatically

Improve speed and accuracy

Gather insights from many different sources in seconds, not weeks for better training and post-op

Ensure data quality

Improve data quality, accessibility, and usability by utilising robust data governance frameworks and data management strategies

Easy interaction

Interface that understands human language and provides highly intuitive interaction

API and legacy custom connectors

Integrates with many API-based apps and provides custom connectors for legacy systems

Organisations we've worked with

National Police Chief's Council
humberside police untrite

Case study:
Humberside Police Control Room AI Assistant

By using modern algorithms and technologies, like Untrite Thrive AI, call handling capability in policing can be improved through the ability to:

  • Capture data more accurately, enabling vital details relevant to keeping the public safe to be captured more quickly, precisely, and effectively.
  • Recognise key information provided first time around, placing less stress on the citizen and police call operator, by removing the need to constantly repeat key names or locations in less-than-ideal background environments or circumstances.
  • Assist human operators, to make consistently accurate and timely decisions based on all the information available to assign appropriate policing resource.
This project sought to understand if it was possible to incorporate AI into high stress, fast-paced FCR environments to provide meaningful benefits for both the public and the police, evaluated in a live testing environment. Untrite Thrive required to provide the listening, transcribing, mapping, searching and reporting had yet to be drawn together and harnessed in the proposed use case of assessing domestic abuse calls for risk and further action.

Expected benefits achieved:

29% savings on DA call handling​

Implementation of Untrite Thrive AI Assistant can help FCR teams save approximately 29% from total call handling times (including post-call administration), through use of the time saving automation features of the AI assistant bringing information together and synthesising results. Applied to average DA calls found in HP, this equates to approximately 7 minutes 50 seconds saved per call. With approximately 25,200 DA calls per year, this represents a saving of 3,290 hours for FCR operators in one control room. The ability to save 29% of time on DA call handling, is applicable to other Forces, as the evaluated approach to measuring and recording risk in DA is a common use case in policing.

Nearly 2x more resource assistance per operator

With an average FCR operator having approximately 1,700 hours of time per year to spend on call handling (after leave, training and other abstractions are accounted for) the AI model represents the ability to provide as much resource assistance as 1.9 FTE operators. This is solely limited to DA calls, with wider applicability and time savings possible, when leveraged for other call types.

Reduced call waiting times

The time saved can be implemented instantly, to reduce call waiting times by enabling existing numbers of operators to handle more calls in a shift. Call wait times are a measure of Force Control Room success and feature in inspection reports by HMICFRS into Force performance. This potential reduction in call wait times could improve audit performance for Forces but also improve satisfaction and safety levels in the public, by dealing with incidents quicker and reducing the risk of genuine callers giving up and terminating a valid call.

More accurate data capturing and less human errors

Untrite Thrive AI assistant can capture data more accurately than an operator can do alone, enabling vital details relevant to keeping the public safe to be captured more quickly and effectively. This effectively lowers the risks to the public and to officers, by ensuring the foundational data flowing into police systems and risk scoring calculations is accurate, which enables the appropriate response to any given dynamic situation the police are requested to attend. This has the wider impact of increasing trust in policing by enabling incidents to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, with no wasted resource which could instead be assigned to support the public elsewhere.

Additional benefits achieved:

Untrite Thrive as a "Safety net" helping reduce the stress

FCR operators expressed reassurance at seeing the words transcribed in front of them, even in scenarios where they were fairly certain they heard what they thought they heard, the extra confidence the system provided them was helpful in allowing them to focus on the risks rather than the typing. Operators described the Untrite Thrive AI assistant as a “Safety net” which helped reduce the stress and enable them to provide a higher quality service to the public as a result.

Suspect speech transcribed in the audio

Untrite Thrive AI assistant was so sensitive, it even picked up background audio from other peoples voices. This would be of potential evidential or intelligence based value with a suspects speech transcribed in the audio. This is speech which would otherwise be beyond human ability to hear and understand, but may be required to provide sufficient evidence to pass the charging threshold. Impartial evidence is often difficult to obtain in DA cases, due to the parties concerned often being alone and in private, so this represents a significant opportunity for policing DA on a new evidence stream.

Collated and matched call logs

Untrite Thrive AI Assistant was able to automatically collate call logs and automatically match them with call audio recordings. This task is otherwise done manually and takes valuable time from operator and quality assurance teams at HP FCR, enabling them to do more of their core activity, and less time on manual searching.

Get full Humberside Police report

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    Scot Dunn, Head of IT, Humberside Police and South Yorkshire Police about his team's experience working with Untrite on applying Untrite Thrive

    Prof Paul Taylor talks about Untrite Thrive AI on National Police Chiefs' Council NPCC 23

    BBC covering our work for the UK police.

    Press release

    Untrite worked with Humberside Police, supported by a publicly funded national police technology delivery and innovation organisation, to deliver a proof-of-concept project showcasing how to revolutionise Humberside Police’s emergency response systems through AI integration. The collaboration, funded by Humberside Police, the Office of Policing Chief Scientific Adviser and other policing partners, marks a significant leap in modern policing contact management.

    Untrite’s expertise streamlined domestic abuse call processes, enhancing victim experiences through AI-assisted transcription, data mapping, and risk analysis. The successful interoperability with a national policing data source (the Police National Computer) showcased the potential for more efficient and effective emergency services.

    Scot Dunn, Head of IT at Humberside and South Yorkshire Police, emphasised the project’s commitment to innovation and public service. This work has been acknowledged by all stakeholders as offering promising outcomes to help fuel exploration of further AI implementations within law enforcement. This collaboration signifies the success of ‘police-tech’ partnerships, fostering continuous improvement to greater benefit keeping the public safe.

    Read the full press release

    Patented Technology

    technology untrite

    Untrite helps organisations gain visibility across their data. We work with public and private organisations with complex products in resource pressured environments, such as UK’s Police for their Control Room and Dispatch Room workflows, where we use speech-to-text and AI to analyse, triage and prioritise calls in real time and assist officers in making better data-informed decisions.
    We are patent pending for Processing Communications For Law Enforcement in the UK.  

    Other potential use cases that Untrite Thrive AI can help with: 

    Language Translation for Multilingual Situations:

    In regions with diverse populations, language barriers can complicate communication during emergencies. Thrive AI-powered language translation bridges this gap by instantaneously translating conversations between callers and dispatchers, ensuring accurate and efficient communication regardless of the languages spoken.

    Emotion Analysis for Caller Distress:

    Thrive AI can be utilised to analyse the tone, pitch, and sentiment of the caller’s voice to detect signs of distress or urgency. This information can help call handlers identify cases where immediate intervention is necessary and provide appropriate support.

    Post-incident Analysis and Reporting:

    Untrite Thrive AI system can assist with analysing emergency response data to identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement. By analysing the effectiveness of different response strategies, authorities could refine their protocols and enhance overall emergency services.

    Continuous Learning and Training:

    Thrive AI can be utilised to create realistic simulations for call handler training, allowing them to practise responding to various emergency scenarios. The solution can provide feedback and suggestions for improvement, aiding call handlers in enhancing their skills over time.

    Automated Documentation and Report Generation:

    After an emergency call, Thrive AI can automatically generate detailed incident reports based on the conversation between the caller and the dispatcher. This can reduce the administrative burden on emergency personnel and ensure accurate documentation.

    Make better data-driven decisions. Deploy Untrite Thrive to your force.

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