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Data used to be chaotic. Until now.

Turn siloed data into actionable insights.

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Data is overwhelming. Company know-how is locked in most experienced people’s minds, in dispersed silos or hidden in free text.

Untrite was founded in 2015 as a technology consultancy and software house. Over time, we started seeing a pattern of the same problem - people were losing fight with their data. Organisations produced more data and information than ever. Most of it was just stored and never used.
We believed that this was caused by the lack of context and connection with other pieces of information in a organisation. In 2018 we decided to build a solution for it. Powered by the latest technology, NLP and AI, we built a platform that understands everything it reads and automatically extracts what matters for a specific use case, providing you with a single access point to the relevant information. No more data noise.

Computers don't understand you. But they could.

We build products for complex organisations suffering from legacy decisions.

Our unique proposition allows us to help you gain visibility of your data, immediately. We don’t require all information to be in one place, a unified format or a data lake. We don’t copy any data and we follow all permissioning rules; all stays in the original data sources. You get value from day one.

Together with our partners, we’ve been building an ecosystem that sits at the heart of the knowledge economy, from Service Intelligence, to Onboarding to Pre-Sales Quotation. Organisations now get a better view of their data in real time to make more informed decisions, faster. We work with public and private organisations with complex products in resource pressured environments, such as UK’s Police in their dispatch room workflows, where we use speech-to-text tech to analyse and prioritise calls context in real time and assist officers in making better data-informed decisions.

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What does Untrite mean?

If you say that something such as an idea, remark, or story is trite, you mean that it is dull and boring because it has been said too many times. We serve to be the opposite – untrite. We want to use our energy and expertise in technology to drive change for a better world, helping companies solve hard problems.

Explore our platform modules

Improve your functional support and internal operations by providing one source of truth portal, that provides intelligent visibility across your information. Untrite Service Intelligence understands everything it reads and extracts what matters.

Accelerate providing quotations for your customers. Gather intelligence of past quotes for similar and the same products in one place. ​

Bring your newly onboarded staff up to speed Onboarding module, that gives service leaders, agents, and techs the critical, relevant intelligence they need, right when they need it. No more data noise and wasted time on back and forth emailing.​

Automatically generated and appended high quality abstracts including multi-document summaries with references and citations, significantly reduce reading time and accelerate reporting. ​

What sets us apart?

Unlike other large corporations where you need to purchase an out of box full solution, we provide a modular platform with building blocks which you pick as you need. The more modules and areas of your business are connected, the more synergy effects can be achieved.

Our AI solutions work out of the box, no programming is required. We provide end to end solution, from understanding where your pain points are, to implementation and connecting to your modern but also custom, legacy systems, to an ongoing, dedicated support.

Untrite AI empowers your teams to use the data to increase transparency and efficiency of your business workflows; improve first time customer query resolution, optimise service performance, assess and mitigate risks and drive exceptional client experience.

Core team

Kamila Hankiewicz / CEO

kuba misiorny cto untrite

Kuba Misiorny / CTO

pete moore Pete Moore / Corporate Partnerships

Pete Moore / Corporate Partnerships

Marcin Bauza

Marcin Bauza, Ph.D.
Strategic Advisory Board

COL Jonathan Shaffner Advisory Board

COL Jonathan Shaffner / Advisory Board


We are recognised by

Part of UK GOV backed programme Tech Nation Applied AI 4.0 Cohort


Part of 500 Global VC x Aichi Accelerator programme Batch 2, Japan

500 global VC Aichi Accelerator

Laureate of the prestigious Innovative Technologies competition PolkaXXI

Shortlisted in 2023 Women in IT Awards, two categories:
- UK in the Employer of the Year
- Ally of The Year

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