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Unlocking human potential by removing trite tasks.

We use AI and Machine Learning to help clients remove data fragmentation and repetitive tasks. We provide a holistic approach to organisation workflow optimisation. 

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Workflow automation

Workflow automation

AI-powered workflow mapping backed by experts.

Cognitive Enterprise Search

Cognitive Enterprise Search

How do you keep track over constantly changing enterprise documents?

Keep up-to-date with evolving questions, tickets, and answers with our machine learning powered platform. It understands natural language questions, learns from and adapts to user behavior, and delivers smarter, more relevant answers over time.

Intelligence on every front

Intelligence on every front

Whereever your customers or employees need to find an answer, Untrite can fit seamlessly

Empower your employees to seek knowledge own with the ability to effortlessly research and find any piece of knowledge in your organisation. Unify the relevant sources of knowledge across your organization and use machine learning to continuously refine them.

Intersection of Consulting and Data

Intersection of Consulting and Data

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