Work automation simplified.

Our software observes, learns and automates your most repetitive work.

Get work done in seconds.

Untrite software completes routine tasks 5x-20x faster than people – so your team can handle unstructured problem-solving activities.

Instant ROI

Typically, 1 software robot outperform 3 workers. In less than 6-12 months, most high growth companies already have a positive return on investment.

SLAs at 100%

People are prone to error, robots are not. Software automation lets you achieve 100% accuracy, as your robots repeatedly and unflaggingly perform their tasks exactly as programmed.

Higher employee retention

Non-stimulating, monotonous tasks at work are one of the main reasons why people quit. Freeing your employees from repetitive tasks directly affects retention metrics.

The future of smart work.

Achieving maximum efficiency with cognitive automation.

Robots are here to stay. The faster you harvest their potential, the faster you create a competitive edge for your business. Automation supported with AI delivers direct profitability while improving accuracy across organisations and industries. Designed to perform on a vast range of repetitive and simple logic based tasks, automation software interprets, triggers responses and communicate with other systems just like humans do.

Best part? It does it non-stop. It makes no mistakes and costs a lot less than an employee.