Freeing human creativity with robotic automation softwareUntrite software solutions help employees focus on productivity – not processing.

Get it done in seconds

Software completes routine tasks 5x-20x faster than people – and they work 24/7 – so your team can handle unstructured problem-solving activities.

SLAs at 100%

People are prone to error, robots are not. Software automation lets you achieve 100% accuracy, as your robots repeatedly and unflaggingly perform their tasks exactly as programmed. 

Release creativity

With software automation in place, your employees can focus on the tasks that add the most value to your business and are a far better use of their time, let it be creative direction or business strategy.

Istant ROIs

Highly valuable time of your employees who previously spent on mundane can now be turned into growing business. Shortly after your robot workforce is implemented, operating costs are significantly reduced.

Happier customers

When front office personnel is freed from mundane repetitive tasks, it results improved customer experience and 100% success in meeting service-level agreement requirements.

Higher employee retention

Non-stimulating, boring tasks at work are one of the main reasons why people quit. Freeing your employees from repetitive tasks directly affects retention metrics.

Benefits of business automationSet and repeat

Robotic process automation eliminates need for manual desktop tasks that are highly structured, routine-driven, requiring little (if any) analysis or subjective judgement.
The average back office employee spends 60%-70% of their day on such activities, like filling in forms, making repetitive calculations or processing orders. Although these tasks may be critical for running the business, they are also motivation-killers for your employees. They are also notoriously error prone and time consuming.
Untrite provides smart automation solutions to hand these processes off to a robotic workforce that is fast, 100% accurate and easily scalable.

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One size does not fit allDifferent system structure, different solutions.

Spreadsheet data

Because no business process is the same, we provide custom data automation solutions. We work with Excel, Sheet and majority of custom data storing software.


MySQL reporting for database on your laptop, cloud or intranet. We can automate and build reports for PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS and Amazon Redshift.

Simple, flexible licensing

Our smart automation solutions can be easily and rapidly scaled accordingly to ensure consistent service.

Let your employees focus on what's really important Automate mundane tasks

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As a leading law agency in our field, we wanted to decrease repetitive and low value tasks in our initial contract drawing process. By implementing Untrite desktop (attended) automation solutions, we could reduce handle time by 69% on average.

Jack, Managing Director Prime LLP

We provide p2p video debate solutions and we realised that most of our unproductive time is spent on manual processinag and management of the many services which we provide for new customers. Untrite helped us to automate most of these processes so we could focus on building even better products.

Yazan Madanat, CEO QallOut