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Turn siloed data into actionable insights.

Empower your service team to become your best experts. Untrite's AI platform unlocks collective wisdom and makes your company’s hidden insights instantly accessible and reusable to everyone.

We work at the intersection of Service Intelligence and Data Management helping companies manage their complex products. We provide an intuitive layer - a dashboard - that sits on top of your systems, connects, understands all the data and surfaces only the insights you need to solve your client's problems, fast.

How Untrite AI can help

Triage and Troubleshooting

Translate your organisation’s dispersed tribal knowledge into prescriptive intelligence. Our deep-tech solution quickly learns your language and empowers your front line ambassadors to troubleshoot and resolve customer challenges, in and out of the field.

Service Intelligence

Improve service delivery across all channels, from quicker first response and more efficient fixes to proactive maintenance and proactive intervention.

Job planning and prediction

Untrite's AI platform makes sense of your organisation’s service data to optimise resource allocation and schedules while helping your workforce deliver better service experiences. Our proprietary AI (NLP) helps understand the nuances of the service issue regardless of the word choice used to describe it.


Get the whole picture.

Untrite's bleeding-edge AI tool eases input recording and automates extracting knowledge from across your organisation so that you can focus on providing the best service.

API Integration with Jira, Sharepoint and more

Legacy custom systems connectors

Speech to Text input

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How does Untrite AI engine work?

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Give people control over how they interact with data and knowledge locked in it.