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Untrite helps to unify information from different silos, automatically enriching it with *context insight driving action.

Augmenting know-how in data you already have.



Respond quickly and cost-effectively to any regulatory changes.

Contract Reviews

Contract Reviews

Faster reviews while reducing risk by focusing on non-standard areas.

Cognitive Intranet

Cognitive Intranet

Search for relevant information and people in charge. Build on top of your existing know-how.

Untrite provides clarity and augments know-how in data you already have. By using Machine Learning it helps computers understand complexity of human language in contracts, reports, emails and other documents. Organisations get a better view of the most relevant information in real time to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

How Untrite works?

Untrite solutions automatically highlights and extracts information that is important to you and helps you consolidate and act on it.

Integrate data through API / custom




Search and Review


Extract information


Act on it
act on it

We want to enable people to do meaningful, extraordinary work.

When you have a bad process and you introduce new technology, you still have a bad process. That’s why, we believe technology can only drive change when it’s applied at the root of the problem.

We use data technology to solve those to help companies grow. To do more with less.

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Trusted by the world’s fastest growing corporations and professional services firms

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