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Uncovering valuable information in what you already have - the dark data

The platform which augments business intelligence in your organisation.

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What is Untrite? We use the latest technologies and machine learning tools in order to create a single ‘point of truth’. We designed a platform which feeds on structured and unstructured data within your organisation and improves business performance with granular and simple to understand insights to help your people on the ground.

The biggest challenge in high growth businesses like ours is data fragmentation. Business data naturally gets siloed when employees are trying to get their jobs done. It's almost always faster to avoid dependencies on other groups by building an application-specific (or business-unit-specific) data store with its own master data, schemas, metrics, and performance guarantees. The problem is that this is the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Untrite's platform helped us regain control over our data and spot opportunities we're missing for a long time.

— Matt Pruszynski

Enterprise Architect, Capital In

Trusted by the world’s most disruptive big and small companies & institutions

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High-powered ML analyses millions of data points and spits out opportunities you can act on today.

A platform that links all your data

Centralised Customer Intelligence

Link all your customer data in one place – break the team silos and help all departments work together.

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Data Syncing and Governance

Create a single ‘point of truth’. Ensure that your data is clean, correct, and trustworthy.

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Personalised Insights

Empower your employees with tools that make your customers feel that you know them and care for their needs thanks to accurate insights.

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A Window Of New Opportunities

Get an architecture to Ingest, Integrate, Index, Insight and Invest right level of resources to achieve the best outcomes.

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No More Lazy Data

Every day the world generates approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, and far too often they just sit there doing nothing. Untrite platform helps to unlock potential in previously siloed data.

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Personalised insights

Empower your employees with tools that make your customers feel that you know them and care for their needs thanks to accurate insights.

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Untrite Podcast: Augmented Intelligence

Listen to the world's leaders on how they apply Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in their companies

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