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Gain visibility into data.
Make informed decisions.

The AI platform for unstructured data that understands your specialised language. Identify meaningful insights and gain competitive advantage.

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What makes our software so powerful?

technology untrite



/ Link

We help you gain visibility of your data by uncovering links in it. We don’t require it to be in one place, unified format or a data lake. Our platform doesn't copy any information; all stays in the original data sources.



/ Understand

We use Natural Language Processing, a type of AI, to understand the meaning behind your data and give you a completely new way of interacting with it.



/ Derive insights

We use AI to make sense of your unstructured data by extracting relevant information and weaving it for actionable insights you can understand and act upon.



/ Recursive learning

The more you interact with our system, the more it learns to give you more accurate, seamless results.

We build software that empowers organisations to make data-informed decisions, streamline operations and drive exceptional client experience.

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Public Sector

Facilities Management
Financial Institutions
real estate

Real Estate

The Process

01 / Discovery

We start by understanding your needs. With our rich expertise in data, we help you discover new opportunities to develop your product to boost business outcomes.

02 / PoC

We closely work with your team to ensure we target the right outcomes and hypotheses. We build a Proof of Concept (PoC) using your data to prove and showcase the benefits.

03 / Expansion

Our platform is built of modules, which we can easily expand and connect to other parts of your organisation. We build and implement custom-made solutions into your existing systems for a smoother experience.

04 / Maintenance

We provide an ongoing support helping you take the most advantage of intelligent solutions and observe how advanced algorithms improve your business outcomes.

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