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Why we need equivalent of ChatGPT for organisations tribal knowledge.

Previously, leadership decisions tended to be a balanced play between available information and instinct. However, as companies are becoming abundant with diverse data, data-driven decisions are more scientific and reliable.

#AI’s #NLP tech like #ChatGPT is able to filter through the noise and bring all relevant information to us, instantly. We can feel again like this 5 year old who keeps asking why for each answer you give him/her. But this time, our teacher is not getting exhausted but patiently answers everything it knows. And it can finally understand causation. This is _revolutionary_.

That’s the thing with humans — we want to help, but we’re often helpless ourselves, when faced with data chaos and multitude of systems where data sits.

Computers don’t have this problem. When we use them right, they can assist us in becoming the best version of ourselves. Letting us focus on things that matter — creating relationships and serving others.

And that’s the grand vision we have for Untrite — building this incredible brain for the organisations. An omniscient colleague that read all the tribal knowledge that hides across different systems, languages and formats. That colleague can easily help you make the cause-effect connections, and better and faster data-driven decisions.

Data has become a critical business tool. The People-Process-Technology framework for success has now converted into People-Process-Technology-Data framework, where data is the core of everything. The ability to interpret and use it effectively and securely is a future-proofing capability within most industries.

Untrite Intelligence™ platform gathers all your service data, analyses it and gives service leaders, technicians and agents the critical info they need, exactly when they need it. So, now escalations vanish. Technicians know the right solution, sometimes before they even see the problem.
Need to mitigate a talent shortage? Untrite’s service intelligence captures and distributes the knowledge of your tenured techs. So your whole team can deliver service like your vets.

Shed light on problems you never knew you had. Uncover new opportunities. Future proof your service business with Untrite. Go to to learn more.

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