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What gets measured gets improved

It’s a cliche for a reason.

The new year’s resolutions. The “I know I should be drinking less”. “I know I should be writing my morning journal”. It rarely comes to fruition by itself.

Sometimes we think we’re doing better. I am already back at the gym, and the last time seems like yesterday. Only after you look at your entrance history you realise it has been two weeks.

To win, you need a system. Preferably something that will automatically show you your progress

The first step to improving your workflows is then, naturally, measuring them. With Untrite Insights, you can see where you have been spending your time all day. This is not to taunt you that you had 5 cigarette breaks in a day. It is rarely a problem. In fact, breaks are of utmost importance. The challenges, and therefore opportunities, lie in plain sight. In the time you think you were productive.

The Insights allow you to not only find areas where you lose concentration context-switching. But also where you spend time on repeatable tasks.

In fact, the tool and our company specialise in finding those repeatable, mundane tasks that are actually much better suited for a computer.

For the leaders

Imagine having a tool that lets you sit down with an employee and coach them through improving and ineffective schedule.

Imagine being able to find commonalities in workflows between team members and consolidate them to minimize context switching in turn burnout.

Even more so, think about finding 10% of the work that each team member is doing to be entirely repeatable. That can be automated.

How does 10% more on your bottom line sound?

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