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Welcome to Area4: Improvement

People get crazy about the newest research into AI and humanoid robots that will automate their jobs away.

To me, the more exciting prospect is fixing the small (and large) day to day workflows. Those are readily automatable and have the biggest impact-potential for everyone involved. The proverbial low-hanging fruit, for you corporate types.

In this series of posts, I want to explore this topic based on work we have been doing for our clients.

Whenever I look at people’s workflows I am always amazed at how many things they do that a computer could easily do. Nay, that the computer SHOULD do. As a human, it’s really difficult for you to repeatedly and reliably add a number from one excel spreadsheet to another and then copy them into a correct email. Computers were made to do this. Execute a task precisely and swiftly.

There is an old joke in the computer science world – “A great programmer is a lazy programmer”. You have 100s of things to do every day to build this next big thing. If you’re decent you’re going to put your head down and tick each thing one by one. Great programmers will see patterns between those 100s of things, find commonalities and automate repeatable tasks.

That’s the approach I always have. How can I help you focus on the 20% of the work that really requires your human creativity and automates or at least streamline the rest?

What will be your Area for Improvement?

– Q

PS. Sorry for the very subtle title. Naming things is HARD.

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