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Enabling interdisciplinary collaboration for an excellent service

What if you had all the answers a click away?

Today we can’t imagine our life without The Internet. We have all information, usually no more than a couple of clicks away. The promise of bringing you all the knowledge that ever existed doesn’t apply in work environments. What’s the reason, you may ask? While there were many attempts to unify and centralise knowledge repositories - CRMs, knowledge bases and so on, none of the solutions managed to help. There are number of factors for that:
- Specific information and formats and types of data don’t allow for all-in-one system. And we think it wouldn’t be beneficial, anyway. Your company is competitive because of the strategic investments it did in implementing custom systems.
- Language barriers - some materials are available and made by teams in different languages or countries — but how can you know that? Language is a silo by itself.
- Compliant data — with all fake news, bots and duplicated data, what and whom to trust?
- Too much data (cleaning, hiding irrelevant one? Defining priorities for different type of users)
- Collective wisdom — probably your problem has been solved already; how can you tap into that resource without getting confused where and whom to ask?

Our vision

We believe that designing innovative software in close partnership with our clients is the only way to have a real impact on their business.

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Your success is ours.

Unlike large companies, we take your business personally. Our unique position allows us to provide custom solutions tailored to your needs, because we know that each company is different.

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Kamila Hankiewicz / CEO

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Kuba Misiorny / CTO

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Pete Moore / Corporate Partnerships

What does Untrite mean?

If you say that something such as an idea, remark, or story is trite, you mean that it is dull and boring because it has been said or told too many times.

We serve to be the opposite – untrite. We want to use our energy and expertise in technology to drive change helping companies grow faster while creating better work environment for its people.