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Our Mission

We’re passionate, young and determined.

We believe there is an unlimited value in what organisations already have – their data.

We believe technology can drive change when it’s applied at the root of the problem.

We want to enable people in large organisations to do meaningful, extraordinary work. To humanise it by removing information silos.

We use data technology to help companies grow. To do more with less.

We build a better workplace and a better world. For employees. For leaders. For everyone.

What does Untrite mean?

If you say that something such as an idea, remark, or story is trite, you mean that it is dull and boring because it has been said or told too many times.

We represent the opposite – untrite. We want to use our energy and expertise in technology to drive change helping companies grow faster while creating better work environment.

The Leadership Team

Our leadership team comes from a variety of diverse backgrounds with unique professional experiences. We worked for some of the biggest companies from FTSE100. We work closely to steer the strategic direction of the company and ensure Untrite delivers what it says it does. We embrace change and strive for innovation by creating industry-leading software that is changing how professionals across the globe do their work.

muba kisiornyKuba Misiorny
Co-founder, CTO

kamila hankiewicz
Kamila Hankiewicz

Co-founder, CEO


Mohamed AbouBakr
Head of Project Management

London office:
8 Devonshire Square
Liverpool Street, EC2M 4PL

Let’s find solutions to your problems 🤟.