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Turn siloed data into actionable insights.

Untrite is a core Service Intelligence and Business Insights Platform.

By taking advantage of the latest development in Artificial Intelligence, we have built the next evolution of enterprise search - Untrite AI engine.
The platform connects to your systems via API or custom built links and then pulls all relevant information to the task, in real time. We translate your service organisation’s tribal knowledge and experiences into prescriptive business intelligence.
Untrite AI is most powerful in specific knowledge-heavy scenarios, where there is a great amount of nuance and meta-knowledge. Untrite’s AI-driven technology uncovers an organisation’s deepest insights to inform prescriptions and predictions for every management decision.
Surfacing and analysing hidden data creates an unprecedented opportunity, both for making your business processes more transparent along your value chain by highlighting how process events, transactions and costs are connected, and for solving your complex service challenges by providing a path for higher service-driven revenues and reduced customer churn.
Overall you’ll experience more efficient service delivery at a lower cost.

Our vision

We believe that designing innovative software in close partnership with our clients is the only way to have a real impact on their business.

Innovating since



Your success is ours.

Unlike large companies, we take your business personally. Our unique position allows us to provide custom solutions tailored to your needs, because we know that each company is different.

We apply state-of-art AI technology empowering teams to use that data to increase transparency of your business transactions, improve first time customer query resolution, assess and mitigate risk, optimise service performance and drive exceptional client experience.

team kamila hankiewicz

Kamila Hankiewicz / CEO

kuba misiorny untrite team

Kuba Misiorny / CTO

pete moore untrite

Pete Moore / Corporate Partnerships

juergen bohn

Dr. Juergen Bohn / Tech Board Advisor

What does Untrite mean?

If you say that something such as an idea, remark, or story is trite, you mean that it is dull and boring because it has been said or told too many times.

We serve to be the opposite – untrite. We want to use our energy and expertise in technology to drive change helping companies grow faster while creating better work environment for its people.