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Business Process Automation

Technology is the enabler of business process automation (BPA), and it can automate workflows to the point where human intervention is unnecessary. Automation can save time and money, delight customers who no longer have to wait in line for a person to assist them with a transaction, and preclude human error.

Generalist bots do not succeed, they misunderstand consumers, then frustrate them. Specialist bots work well for routine tasks — such as bill pay, payment card, refund or return of the goods, or address update — and can off-load many tasks from human agents, significantly reducing labor costs.

At Amuse, we design and implement customer support automation through integrating chatbots with human agent work – enabling seamless handoffs.


Amuse Business Process Automation solutions bring you countless automation possibilities. Common Automation examples:

  • Rote and repetitive tasks
  • Difficult decision-making that is machine-addressable
Supported business divisions

Customer Service, HR, Finances, Inventory, Marketing, Sales