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Untrite for Project Management 🤟.

Learn how Untrite solutions can help you save up to 90% of your document search, creation, reviewing and analysis time using Machine Learning.

Seamless Progress Tracking

Untrite allows users to quickly upload documents by dragging and dropping folders directly into Untrite, or importing documents directly from a data space. Documents are processed by pre-trained classification models which give users a holistic view of what types of documents have been imported, automatically highlights entities and points to what professionals need to assist with the review. Untrite has functionality to facilitate the assignment of tasks for documents review and updates to team members, so the project manager can easily track their progress. Due to centralised work, each team member always works on the latest version, so there is no issue with back and forth emails with countless document versions.
Reviewers can then highlight the relevant text they are looking for, tag documents for further or specialist review and immediately escalate any critical issues. Untrite automatically exports summaries of the highlighted information in Word, Excel, or PDF.

Make Collaboration Easy

Managing large project teams who are working to meet tight deadlines is challenging, especially when they are working in siloed teams, have to process large volumes of documents or looking to address numerous issues. If there is a communication breakdown, this can lead to critical issues being missed causing financial risks or company expectations not being met.

Untrite provides teams a centralised platform that facilitates and speeds up the review process. Team members can immediately see a visualisation of the work that remains to be completed, and individual responsibilities are always clear. Project managers can provide their clients with accurate, up-to-date information about the status of the project and if any issues have been uncovered that require their immediate attention.

In addition to these improvements to project management, customers have found that simply by using Untrite’s workflow features, they are able to complete review projects in up to 45% less time than with manual review.

How does it work?

By using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technology, Untrite processes documents in dozens of formats and automatically converts them to machine readable text. Depending on client needs, our solutions can be implemented on premises or in the cloud. They include includes workflow tools for your team to validate the results prior to them being exported into Excel, Word or PDF for final documents.

Untrite makes sense of your unstructured data and helps you derive valuable information from it

Untrite solutions have been used on various projects, helping organisations gain greater visibility into their contracts and their employees – focus on more meaningful, challenging and creative part of their work. Our users include many of the world’s leading professional service firms and corporations. We enable people to do meaningful, extraordinary work. We use data technology to solve those to help companies grow. To do more with less.
Find out how.