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Screen Scraping Automation

Screen Scraping is an important part of data migration and integration scenarios. It enables modern apps to talk with legacy apps that do not offer an API and is the complement to the data entry side of automation. However, scraping is a very tedious task for most of us, while the opportunities for aggregating web data for business advantage are unlimited. Businesses can turn ordinary facts into high-value business intelligence, generate revenue by creating well-curated data sets, perform pricing and product inventory comparisons across companies and sectors to support investment decisions, and more.
There are so many technologies available to create user interfaces on Windows desktop—from the old DOS console apps, the Win32 and FoxPro apps of the 1990s, to the Java and .Net Winforms apps of early 2000, to modern WPF apps today. Then, there are the web apps of all the different browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and web technologies, as well as enterprise apps, such as SAP, Siebel, and PeopleSoft, and the good old mainframe with the green screen and terminal emulators. All of these apps can be published via Citrix/VDI. Untrite is providing nearly 100% accurate, reliable and fast screen scraping tool.

All too often, the only way to retrieve your data is by scraping the UI of another app. Screen scraping comes to the rescue in many business scenarios. Even if you have access to the database, it is sometimes more convenient and less error-prone to go directly through the user interface. The downside to it is obviously time commitment.

Untrite scraping software helps companies for document management and imaging, application integration, content migration, desktop analytics, business IT process automation, application integration, legacy systems modernisation solutions, mobile enablement of desktop apps, and health record scraping.

Untrite automated scraping enables you to visually design an automation workflow with a drag-and-drop editor. The Recorder lets you capture the steps of a manual task, and during this recording, your actions on the screen are observed and translated into logical steps in a workflow. At the same time, the Screen Scraper Tool and the Web Scraping Tool allow you to get the data out of any application in moments.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

100% accurate

Perfectly extracts screen text from running apps and stores it.

Screen OCR

Works on virtualised, remote applications.

Works everywhere

Our tool works on environments including Java, .Net, PDF, different browsers, legacy systems and more.

Reliable web scraping

Resilient technology that keeps collecting accurate data even when formats change on target websites. It allows you to gain insight, ensure compliance and eliminate risk to support operational excellence.

Leveraging RPA is the obvious next big step in markets around the globe. It is already being implemented on a broad range of industries. High growth companies start eliminating outsourcing by going from offshore to onshore, optimising costs, delivering higher quality, regaining control over processes and freeing up their resources.
This translates into quick, increased value in terms of product and services for customers, but ultimately, allows for new business visions to arise in crowded marketplaces.

Wondering which of yours business operations could be automated?

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Opportunity Varies by Industry and Function

We design, build and implement the next wave of intelligent automation. Untrite sets the pace for the industry with the RPA technologies and unique assistance, perfectly calibrated for any of your organisation’s stages of maturity. Constantly extending our capabilities, Untrite helps you achieve even better degrees of business growth via improved quality, productivity and agility.