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Untrite for Financial Services.

Learn how Untrite solutions can help you save up to 90% of your document search, creation, reviewing and analysis time using Machine Learning.

Unlock the hidden value of your unstructured data

The financial services industry is in a disruptive state with multiple technologies, competitive, regulatory and demographic factors impacting the way companies conduct business and communicate with their clients. Tackling compliance issues in the financial sector is complex, because retail banks, corporate banks and insurance companies generate terabytes of unstructured data every day for high-volume activities like trading, anti-fraudulent reporting, payment or claims processing.

The financial services industry is dependent not only on information itself, but most important – on timing. Information delivered as close to real-time as possible is crucial to achieving competitive advantage. To access and analyse relevant information in the rapidly expanding universe of unstructured data, financial services providers are turning to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to help them make decisions and provide sound advice and quality products to clients.

Untrite solutions powered by NLP helps to make sense of unstructured textual turning this machine data into operational intelligence to help financial services companies compete and win in the face of unprecedented business and technology transformation. By utilising the newest NLP solutions companies are able to:

  • Make sense of unstructured data to achieve regulatory compliance and avoid penalties
  • Improve customer experience across brand, online and mobile channels by utilising advanced analytics and machine learning to gain deep customer insights across all channels e.g. products and services causing the most customer complains may be spotted easily enabling teams to act on improvement

Why Untrite for Financial Services?

Untrite provides solutions for operational intelligence to address challenges in the financial services industry across IT operations, governance, advanced analytics and business development.

Natural Language Processing – Sentiment Analysis

Discover important information that might otherwise go unnoticed with NLP techniques such as word stemming, near-word matching and sentiment analysis.With Untrite Sentiment analysis you can achieve understanding an opinion about a given subject from written language. In a world where we generate trillions bytes of data every day, sentiment analysis has become a key tool for making sense of unstructured textual data.

Automate Contract Data and Entity Extraction

Use Untrite software to enhance data to highlight and extract key values and entities such as dates and people, or key industry language such as legal privilege.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Index and monitor data to comply with local, state, federal and international regulations, including GDPR. Whether it’s legal, HR-related or general business policies and procedure documents, keeping track of all changes and cascading them down to different functions timely and accurately could be a gigantic and resource intensive undertaking.

Imagine being able to find a relevant paragraph in a 500-page document in one second (without having to be familiar with that document). Or being able to find the relevant regulations governing your business without having to look through all the documents rather than trying your luck with daunting, often time consuming and unreliable keyword searching.

Use Untrite software to manage company governance and compliance.

Upgrade quality of analyst reporting

With the ability to access relevant, filtered information, financial services analysts are able to write more detailed reports and provide better advice to clients and internal decision makers.

How does it work?

By using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technology, Untrite processes documents in dozens of formats and automatically converts them to machine readable text. Depending on client needs, our solutions can be implemented on premises or in the cloud. They include includes workflow tools for your team to validate the results prior to them being exported into Excel, Word or PDF for final documents.

Untrite makes sense of your unstructured data and helps you derive valuable information from it

Untrite solutions have been used on various projects, helping organisations gain greater visibility into their contracts and their employees – focus on more meaningful, challenging and creative part of their work. Our users include many of the world’s leading professional service firms and corporations. We enable people to do meaningful, extraordinary work. We use data technology to solve those to help companies grow. To do more with less.
Find out how.