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File Transfer Automation

Reducing complexity of tedious file transfer tasks

Delivering data using manual processes is vulnerable to workforce limitations, vacations, turnover, and simple human error. Untrite automation solutions allow you to deliver data without manual intervention, saving time and avoiding potential errors. Our File Transfer solutions enable you to streamline business processes without limitations imposed by legacy systems and applications, where administrators can easily create sophisticated, automated transfers.

Untrite file transfer automation solution integrate file transfer into your automation workflows, so there’s no need to maintain separate systems for job scheduling and data transfer. You can transfer any file type between different systems; initiate transfers in a variety of ways (manually, according to a schedule, or based on the occurrence of a particular event); and improve performance by compressing files. Our File Transfer process also includes extensive safeguards against using outdated data.

Untrite File Transfer Automation solution bring you countless automation possibilities, no matter how small or elaborate the tasks you are doing. High growth companies and enterprises frequently move hundreds or even thousands of files daily. Basic file transfer tools can be reliable on a small scale, but a large company needs a more advanced managed file transfer solution. Untrite offers a comprehensive automated solution that makes managing a high-volume of file transfers easy. Our automation file transfer tool supports a variety of protocols including AS2, used by many financial services firms, and FTP. FTP is the industry standard for securely transmitting data, but as a business grows it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the volume of FTP activity. Using Untrite’s intuitive graphical interface, all processes related to FTP can be automated and configured to any company network.

The transformative power of automation

Data aggregation

Untrite automation tool can be used to aggregate data from unstructured sources like webpages or PDFs and consolidate it into a file, which is then automatically encrypted, compressed, and transferred. After the transfer, the file could be decompressed, decrypted, and the data entered into disparate systems like ERP or general ledger—all without any manual work by the user.

No coding required.

File transfer automation allows you to schedule some transfers during the low-traffic evening hours, eliminates delays between transfers and subsequent file processing tasks, and cuts back on the risk of human error—all without requiring the user to write any code.

Secure and safe

Untrite attended automation provides 100% security as it encodes data prior to transfer automatically.

User logic

Easily train your robot to trigger and use automation scripts when buttons or links are clicked.

This changes everything


Leveraging RPA is the obvious next big step in markets around the globe. It is already being implemented on a broad range of industries. High growth companies start eliminating outsourcing by going from offshore to onshore, optimising costs, delivering higher quality, regaining control over processes and freeing up their resources.
This translates into quick, increased value in terms of product and services for customers, but ultimately, allows for new business visions to arise in crowded marketplaces.

Wondering which of yours business operations could be automated?

Looking to explore RPA capabilities?


We design, build and implement the next wave of intelligent automation. Untrite sets the pace for the industry with the RPA technologies and unique assistance, perfectly calibrated for any of your organisation’s stages of maturity. Constantly extending our capabilities, Untrite helps you achieve even better degrees of business growth via improved quality, productivity and agility.