Frequently Asked Questions

Business leaders often question when to use enterprise automation tools like business process management (BPM) versus robotic process automation (RPA). RPA uses software or cognitive/AI robots for performing process operations instead of human operators. BPM is an approach to re-engineer and streamline underlying processes to drive efficiency. The definition of RPA describes it as ‘the use of software with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks that previously required a human to perform’.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Business Process Management (BPM)
RPA uses software robots or/and cognitive/AI robots for performing process operations instead of human operators. BPM is an approach to process operations management which focuses on improving process performance by streamlining business, removing bottlenecks and adding value.
Its primary focus is to replace human manual labour with software robots. Its primary focus is to streamline process, identify and remove bottlenecks to obtain shorter cycle times.
Basic RPA (no AI involvement) is a surface level fix, which doesn’t optimise the process, but tries to make it faster by replacing human manual effort. This is especially useful in repetitive, non-strategic tasks which are prone to error. BPM is a deeper insight to process management which helps to optimise the process itself.
RPA is a software technology concept applied to shift resources into more high level, creative and strategic tasks. BPM is an approach to management.
RPA is a quick, less expensive solution compared to BPM, it doesn’t require invasive integration, change management, changes to underlying systems or extensive employee training. Enterprises can achieve some benefits by implementing BPM platforms, however, they are still prone to human error and unavailability.

Having helped many companies, Untrite has developed solutions which can be mapped and adjusted to fit other companies’ needs almost instantly. One of the most daunting and disliked processes is report generation and distribution. Untrite can e.g. extract specific data from reports and merge them to create reports in a variety of formats, to finally send the them to stakeholders— no manual copying and pasting of numbers required.
Untrite is also useful for user provisioning. When new employees join your company, setting up accounts in Active Directory, Exchange, etc. can take up a lot of time. Untrite can take user provisioning off your hands while also managing other HR on-boarding tasks like collecting data from employee paperwork and sending information to payroll. Finally, Untrite plays a great role in data extraction from unstructured sources, data entry, and other databases – also custom ones. Given the enormous amounts of data organisations are dealing these days, Untrite robotic processes can save on average 5-8 days of work per month per employee.

Spending hundreds of hours processing repeated, monotonous processes like file transfers, report generation, data scraping or data entry is a waste of everyone’s time. Many companies have already successfully used Untrite solutions to save thousands of hours per month, freeing up staff to spend more time on more creative and strategic initiatives.
Second fact worth considering is that besides being tedious and resource expensive, manual processes are prone to human error. Robots can also work 24h/7. Organisations often try to get started with automation through custom scripting to automate individual tasks e.g. basic macros in spreadsheets. This might work well at first, but as your business grows it becomes difficult to update and maintain the sprawling scripts. Knowledge of the scripts is often limited to one or two individuals who may not always be with the company, and if the automation fails, there’s no support to hold onto. Building all of your automated processes with a scalable process automation provider saves time and reduces risk to the minimum.

Untrite provides custom solutions that allow you to automate almost any repeated business process within your company. The software’s robotic process automation capabilities we developed helped removing our clients many repetitive tasks, improving productivity and growth rates at the same time. We focus on eliminating the most “boring”, yet crucial tasks – weekly reports generation and distribution within teams, data mining, excel data manipulations and help you understand this data.

Untrite solutions allow companies to manipulate the tools critical to their business, even homegrown applications or web interfaces. For example, you might use Untrite solutions to monitor an email inbox for an attachment, then scrape data from the attachments and enter it into your ERP system. Or you could automate navigating a trading partner’s website to download specified files every day. Best of all, you can build and automate many of your workflow processes, so your employees can focus on what is important.