Excel Automation

Excel Automation

Excel is highly popular among businesses of all sizes. Nonetheless, it is not always user-friendly and can at times prove to be both very time-consuming and hard to integrate with other applications.

Today’s working environment is multi-application focused with data constantly being transferred between applications. Migrating and integrating data into platforms can therefore become troublesome, even when you work with applications that can import and export files.

This is because information can get mixed up or lost in the process, forcing you to waste precious time by repeating the steps each time you sync the data.

Amuse helps companies manipulating Excel data become hassle- and error-free. It saves valuable time and relieves your employees from boring, repetitive tasks and the unnecessary burden of having to learn extensive coding. Therefore, integration with other applications is done both smoothly and safely.

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Amuse Excel Automation solutions bring you countless automation possibilities, no matter how small or elaborate the tasks you are doing.

Common Automation examples:

  • Reading and writing data
  • Data extraction and migration
  • Sorting data and deleting duplicate rows
  • Comparing columns
  • Integrating with other applications and databases
  • Retrieving and creating workbooks
  • Running analysis reports
  • Filling in forms with data from Excel spreadsheets
Supported business divisions

Marketing, Sales, Finance

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