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Desktop Automation

The next step in the efficiency game for financial institutions

Nowadays, companies are realising the value of building efficient customer relationships. Improved customer experience is reflected in customer retention, irrespective of the technological approach involved. Robotic Process Automation is an excellent technology to do that, freeing up employees from repetitive and tedious tasks.

Today’s RPA solutions automate rule-based, routine tasks within the end-to-end business process in two major, distinctive ways: as an unattended automation or attended automation. It’s only matter of time when any distinction between Attended RPA (where a robot assists a human in carrying out tasks on their computer) and Unattended RPA (where a robot works autonomously on a server) will eventually vanish. BCC group conducted a research where they found that by 2024 autonomous robots will surpass the share of the expert systems.

Ultimately, effective implementation of the processes will involve the right amount of scripted robotisation, artificial intelligence, and a combination of expertise and human judgement. However, we are not there as yet.

We speak about Attended RPA, also called Robotic Desktop Automation or Software Assistants, when automation can be carried out at the workstation level. Software robots perform certain actions e.g. email distribution, in place of a human being. Like a human, it reads the contents of an application window, locates fields containing useful data and saves them, copies the data to another window, launches a transaction, etc. The robot can also perform checks on the data it handles, providing the company with additional compliance guarantees relative to its defined procedures.

During the process, the robot can be designed to return control to the person in front of the workstation, if necessary, so that the person can make a decision that requires their judgement or business experience.

This aspect of Robotic Process Automation, where the robot acts like a human’s software assistant, interacting with the workstation while complying with business logic, is therefore called attended RPA. An example of this, in a sales context, is a robot that assists a salesperson in developing a proposal or processing an order.

Untrite desktop automation solution is a visual, intuitive way of recording and describing how to automate a process, and business users can use it in the same way they use a Visio or OmniGraffle diagrams. No coding knowledge is required.
When working with the presentation layer of other apps, you simply indicate on the screen what operation you need to perform. Untrite understands the UI at the logical control level and does not rely on the position of elements on the screen. This makes automation much more reliable and independent of screen size and resolution. The scripts are very visual and intuitive in nature so the users can simply take a look at them and immediately follow the logic of what they are supposed to do. It is very easy to maintain them and accommodate small changes in the process. Contact us to try Untrite desktop automation solution and see how easy and powerful it is to use.

Benefits of Untrite Process Automation

Record and replay task logic

Record your repetitive manual tasks simply by indicating them on the screen, the same way you would train a human user.

User logic

Easily train your robot to trigger and use automation scripts when buttons or links are clicked.

Presentation layer automation 

Untrite attended automation provides 100% accurate scripts that see the presentation layer at the control level. It works with desktop, web, Java and many other apps.

No coding required.

it uses Visio-like automation scripts (but much more simplified and powerful) that are easy to create without programming knowledge or expertise.

This changes everything


Leveraging RPA is the obvious next big step in markets around the globe. It is already being implemented on a broad range of industries. High growth companies start eliminating outsourcing by going from offshore to onshore, optimising costs, delivering higher quality, regaining control over processes and freeing up their resources.
This translates into quick, increased value in terms of product and services for customers, but ultimately, allows for new business visions to arise in crowded marketplaces.

Wondering which of yours business operations could be automated?

Looking to explore RPA capabilities?


We design, build and implement the next wave of intelligent automation. Untrite sets the pace for the industry with the RPA technologies and unique assistance, perfectly calibrated for any of your organisation’s stages of maturity. Constantly extending our capabilities, Untrite helps you achieve even better degrees of business growth via improved quality, productivity and agility.