Inventing The Future Of Work Automation

Area4: Be present

When diving into automation for your company don’t live in the future, live in the present. Whilst the promise of this autonomous future seems incredible, the true reality is that today your business faces a large technology gap and is likely to be struggling with the harsh realities of mainta...
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Area4: The robots

Ah! This was inevitable. When I talk to regular people about automation they picture (I picture, they picture) huge assembly lines with welding robots. You can’t blame them, have you seen pictures from Tesla’s Giga Factory? There is thousands of such robotic automation. But is more alway...
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Area4: Equity Trader

Big companies look for big projects. Their automation solutions are always huge rollouts with multi-million $$$ invested in the software. Is that the best way to go about making your business more efficient? I propose there is a tremendous amount of improvement that can be made on all levels of work...
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