Inventing The Future Of Work Automation

Area4: The Human factor

The big elephant in the room is the human element of automation. I have alluded to my stance on that in the previous posts but I wanted to dedicate a whole article to that. We can classify automation based on the scope of its reach. The large-scale automation encompasses the whole roles or even whol...
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Area4: Data Analytics in a Restaurant

This is a story we usually encounter: A company gathers vasts amounts of data, but then it just sits there and gathers dust. Usually, the main culprit is fragmentation. Sometimes it is physical fragmentation. One piece lives on one system and other lives on a different one. Usually, that is also exa...
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Area4: The Pharma Case

The big ol’ Pharma. My friend works in the above-mentioned industry. It seemed to me they have it all figured out. They are at the bleeding (no pun intended) edge. Thousands of people work for the company, hundreds of scientists and engineers. Really smart and talented people. What blows my mi...
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