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Area4: The robots

Ah! This was inevitable. When I talk to regular people about automation they picture (I picture, they picture) huge assembly lines with welding robots. You can’t blame them, have you seen pictures from Tesla’s Giga Factory? There is thousands of such robotic automation. But is more alway...
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Area4: Equity Trader

Big companies look for big projects. Their automation solutions are always huge rollouts with multi-million $$$ invested in the software. Is that the best way to go about making your business more efficient? I propose there is a tremendous amount of improvement that can be made on all levels of work...
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Welcome to Area4: Improvement

People get crazy about the newest research into AI and humanoid robots that will automate their jobs away. To me, the more exciting prospect is fixing the small (and large) day to day workflows. Those are readily automatable and have the biggest impact-potential for everyone involved. The proverbial...
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