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May 2018

Why RPA Implementations Fail?

Robotic Process Automation hype is at an all-time high, having turned into one of the fastest growing technologies of recent years. According to a survey…

Kuba May 30, 2018

Want Smooth RPA Implementation? Look At Proof Of Value - Not Proof Of Concept.

The growing amount of data and the pace of digital technologies development means that the existing structure of companies stop to be effective. Many companies…

Kamila Hankiewicz May 21, 2018

Automated Operations - Understanding 5 Benefits For Your Organisation

People dreamed of robotised world long before the term automation was coined. Elektro, the first ever robot was designed and built by Westinghouse Electric Corporation…

Kamila Hankiewicz May 16, 2018

13 Facts About Productivity And Work In The Age Of Automation

In the 21st century human labour and, as a consequence, the foundation of the society are changing dramatically due to the rapid progress of information technology.…

Kamila Hankiewicz May 14, 2018