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AI Discovery Workshops

ai discovery workshop by untrite

Struggling to select a high business value use case? Try our AI Discovery Workshops

Although our core offering is our Service Intelligence platform Untrite Core AI, often we lead our clients through their AI journey already a step earlier – by helping them discover the right AI use cases that can have a positive, long-lasting effect on their organisation and its people.

To do that, we run AI Discovery Workshops that are designed to be highly interactive, aiming to bring stakeholders from across the business together to collectively identify business problems. Those challenges should have both a high business value and for which data is readily available for fast execution. Where possible, we help with the execution or suggest best approaches. We identify “low-hanging fruit” areas, ripe for automation, where company can run quick, self-contained PoCs (Proof of Concept) and see the value of AI.

If you’re interested in starting your AI journey, reach out on We’ll guide you through from the early stages.

Workshop deliverables

1.1  AI Solutions Report

  • List of selected business problems
  • List of data and requirements per AI solution that solves a specific business problem
  • List of recommendations

1.2 Use Case Study

  • Detailed breakdown of proof of concept implementation steps
  • Data requirements
  • Expected timelines
  • Identified benefits, challenges, blockers, and risks 
  • For deep dive sessions: the expected ROI for each AI use case

2.1 Introduction to AI

  • Introduction to AI (with Q&A)
  • Industry use case examples 
  • Bad AI use case examples (pitfalls and traps)

2.2 AI use case identification

  • Identify business problem 
  • Provide value proposition of solved business problem 
  • Identify data requirements and availability
  • Rank business problems in order of value and data availability
  • Select two business problems for implementation
  • Determine how AI can be used to solve these problems

2.3 AI next steps

  • Determine potential benefits/challenges/blockers/risks of AI adoption for the use case
  • Explain how to progress with a deep dive into each problem to unlock the benefits 

2.4 Playback

  • Run a playback that summaries the session outcomes
  • Provide details on the next steps and recommendations

2.5 Deep dive sessions

  • Work on one business problem selected by the client
  • Work closely with client employees and data owners on implementation requirements for the AI Solution
  • Refine benefits, challenges, blockers and risks
  • Identify and quantify expected improvements of the AI solution
  • Quantify current process cost to the business expected ROI for each AI use case
  • Summarise AI use case benefits and value-add for the business